Aim. Constipation is a common ailment in clinical practice, and Whilst it can sometimes be a clinical symptom of different organic diseases, but it often presents as a stand-alone problem that is not associated With any other pathology.

Our study aims to evaluate intestinal transit time in patients suffering from chronic constipation after the administration of calcium bicarbonate water (Uliveto) associated to L.reuteri.


Fifteen patients suffering from chronic constipation (average age: 41±5, 5 fen1ale and 5 male) and 15 healthy controls (average age: 40±7, 5 females and 5 males) were enrolled and were subjected to a lactulose breath test to determine orocaecal transit time.

The study participants therefore began to take a supplementation with 1.5 L/day of calcium bicarbonate-rich mineral water (Uliveto; fixed residue at 180 °C = 860 mg/L, bicarbonate HC03- = 650 mg/L, calcium Ca++= 169 n1g/L) and L.reuteri (in form of tablets, at a dose of 108 CFU, twice daily) for 15 days.

At the end of the therapy, the patients were re-assessed by repeating the lactulose breath test and once again completing the questionnaire on gastrointestinal symptoms.


Intestinal transit time was statistically slower in patients suffering front chronic constipation as compared with controls.
All patients showed an alteration in orocaecal transit time. After 15 days of therapy with water supplementation plus L.reuteri, a statistically significant overall increase was seen in the orocaecal transit time in all patients.


Thus we may state that supplementation with Uliveto mineral Water and L.reuteri resulted in improved intestinal transit time in patients suffering from chronic constipation.

Further studies are needed to established if this effect is linked to the supplementation With Uliveto mineral water, to L.reuteri, or to the combination of both.

Keywords: Constipation – Transit time – Breath test – Minerai water – Calcium bicarbonate.


PANMINERVA MEDICA Vol.57 June 2015 Suppl. 1 to No.2. – 1-5
Autori: Merra G., Gerardi V., Mangiala F., Capacci A., Candelli M., Franccschi F.) Gasbarrini A., Gasbarrini G – 2015